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Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain, Did You Know The Majority Of The Time The Cause Lies Within The Neck, Not The Shoulder.

Shoulder pain, everyone has it to some degree.  Some experience “stabbing pain” on outside of shoulder blade reaching to the spine.

Some have radiating arm pain with numbness & tingling into the hands.  Then there are muscle spasms that feel like they are coming from under the arm or shoulder and ache continuously.

All of which are extremely painful!!

The truth about shoulders is that majority of the time the CAUSE lies within the neck, not the shoulder. Misdiagnosis is very common for shoulder pain, this in turn the wrong treatment plan or medication is prescribed and the CAUSE is never addressed.  There are shoulder issues that definitely come from the shoulder itself such as dislocation rotator cuff, frozen shoulder and rotator cuff tear, but that is a different topic.

First lets look at the job the neck has to do on a constant basis.  Being that the average head weighs 8-10 lbs., that’s a lot of pressure on small little vertebrae’s & disks, particularly at the very top where the Atlas & Axis are, even the smallest amount of inflammation here can cause a great deal of pain & pressure, symptoms such as headaches, eye pain, dizziness and upper extremity involvement.

Whenever there is an imbalance in the neck area such as a stress, whiplash, herniation pr disk issue pain usually radiates into the shoulders.  The neck muscles are so tight they force the upper shoulders & anterior (front) neck muscles to stay in a contracted state which causes further tension & guarding in this area, excessive lactic acids form and blood flow & oxygen is restricted.

How many times did you think to yourself how great it would feel for someone to carry your head around for you!!  There is a small group of muscles along the base of the skull, these are known as the occipitals or occipital ridge and these are the main muscles that carry the tension.

If you put your thumb on the back of your skull there is a small indentation on both sides if you apply pressure here, INSTANT RELIEF.  It is imperative that these muscles (occipitals) be released of toxins & inflammation before any pain is eliminated.

The front (anterior) and sides of the neck are also very important in this equation.  There are several muscles here that insert into the neck & collarbone. When there is restriction here the head is pulled down and shoulders forward, causing more tension in the shoulder blades, pain & spasms, also cervical range of motion is decreased and if not treated effectively the problem will become worse with increased pain & discomfort.

So whenever shoulder pain is experienced make sure the neck is included in the assessment & treatment.  Once the neck is properly released immediate results are felt in the shoulder.

Treating this area with Massage, Neuromuscular therapy, cervical range of motion, passive traction, stretching & range of motion is extremely effective in eliminating pain & inflammation. Regular massage is one of the most effective treatments in shoulder pain.

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